Trail Run Home LAST UPDATED! 03/29/2017


The 2017 race will be the morning of Sunday, September 3rd, 2017. This is the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  Come out and join us for the 6th Annual Trail Race at Eaton Reservoir (locally known as Bull Dam).


Staggered Start

8:00 am will be the start for 5k runners

8:15 will start the Half Marathon runners.

8:30 am will be the start for 10k runners & 5k walkers (5k walkers are not timed)

This staggered start will alleviate most runner cross traffic between the 5k, 10k and Half Marathon runners. We ask for you to be ready to run at the expected time so we can start on time.

Please note that all race lengths are approximate.  We strive to be accurate but due to the nature of the trails it is very difficult to be exact.


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The 5K course: 

The 5K course is a very flat wide path that travels about 1 lap around the reservoir. This is a great course if you would like to try trail running for the first time. The scenery is beautiful there will be no worries on getting lost. Just keep the water to your left. The trail will also be marked with white flags on the left side of the path. The trail itself is a mixture of  gravel and grass and just a smidge of asphalt at the spillway.  Historically the spillway is dry in late August early September but there are no guarantees. Click here for more information

The 10K course: 

The 10K course is single lap, more sophisticated and challenging course. There are some wide trails and about half the course is single tract trails that weaves through the woods around the reservoir. The running surface will be a mixture of packed dirt trail, grass, gravel, a touch of asphalt, and grassy areas. This will also be over roots, under limbs, up short hills, down small grades and over stick covered mud puddles. There will be no worries about getting lost however. Last year we had 30-40 volunteers guiding runners on the path as well as bold marker at every turn and flagging periodically along blind straights and at turns. This is great for the beginner as well as the seasoned trail runner. There is no mystery on figuring out course. Click here for more information

The Half Marathon course 

You will be running two laps of the 10k course. The course is 13.1 miles long. Click here for more information

Eaton Topo Map with Trails.pdf